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Why should you care about the equipment that your Veterinary Hospital has? Because you love your pet and want the very best for them.

Everett Veterinary Hospital & Boarding House not only owns a variety of equipment but is trained on how to utilize it correctly. Our modern equipment allows us to practice state of the art medicine and surgery.

This equipment helps us to better diagnose or evaluate your sick or injured pet quickly, allowing us to treat expeditiously with the right course of action. The sooner the appropriate treatment is begun on your pet, the better the prognosis. This also allows for a quicker response time, thus minimizing your veterinary bill.

Everett Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer you and your pet the highest quality local veterinary healthcare through:

  • Laboratory equipment allows us to evaluate blood work, smears, aspirates, urine and feces plus samples from other areas of the body immediately.
  • ECG monitoring allows us to more safely monitor any anesthetic case plus manage cardiac cases.
  • Surgical Laser decreases pain, minimizes bleeding, reduces the risk of infections and swelling.
  • Therapeutic Laser can be used for many different purposes both safely and effectively. They are invaluable for chronic pain and arthritic cases but can be used to promote healing in other disease processes as well.
  • X-Ray/Radiology is essential to practice good medicine. Our digital X-Ray machine allows us better radiographs and thus better diagnostics.
  • Digital Dental Radiology allows us to see inside of the tooth, bone and surrounding tissues. This is important for our evaluation for possible tooth extractions and cancer.
  • Tonopen is critical to evaluate the eye for glaucoma.
  • Ultrasound is a great and non-invasive way to see inside of the body easily.
  • And many others…the list of equipment that we utilize to practice the level of medicine that we are all proud of is too extensive to list.

It is our goal to provide the very best in health care for your beloved family member.

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