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We work on an appointment basis so please call in advance. 541-884-2926

We schedule a minimum of 30 minute appointments (not the standard 10 to 15 minutes) to give us time to discuss your wants, needs and any concerns about your loved one. It also gives us time to get to know your pet for a better examination and bonding experience.

We recognize how busy everyone is and make every effort to see each client at their pre-scheduled time and keep your waiting time to a minimum. However, emergency cases receive top priority and may occasionally upset our schedule. We apologize if it occurs but request your understanding. If you have an emergency, we will put you and your pet first as well.

We make a commitment to you and your pet and reserve appointments that are dedicated to your pet’s needs; we ask that same commitment of you. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call 24 hours in advance. Failure to give 24 hour notice on a repeated basis may result in a $25.00 fee for missed appointments. Thank you for your consideration.


Urgent care is an important aspect of any veterinary hospital. We are experienced and dedicated in providing any necessary medical and/or surgical care for most species.

During Regular Office Hours----- call us at 541-884-2926;

If your pet requires emergency care during our regular office hours, we will give your animal priority service as triage dictates. If possible, please call us in advance or en-route so we can prepare for your arrival.

After Regular Office Hours----- call us at 541-882-9005;

If there is an emergency while we are closed, Do Not Worry as we participate in an afterhours service called Animal Emergency Service (AES).

How it works:

Most of the small animal veterinarians in our community work together and are on-call on a rotating basis to provide you with after hours emergency care 24/7, including Holidays. This rotation includes the doctors of Everett Veterinary Hospital.

What to do:

Call AES at 541-882-9005. An automated system will direct you what to do and then connect you with the veterinarian on-call.

We know when there is an emergency how upsetting it can be so please pay attention as to what Veterinary Hospital you are directed to go to. If the doctors of Everett Veterinary Hospital are on call, you will bring your pet to Everett Veterinary at 632 Oak Ave. If a different veterinary hospital is on call, you will take your pet there so again, please pay attention to save precious time.

Follow Up:

If your pet was hospitalized and still requires treatment, please contact us and we can help you to transfer your pet here for any necessary continuing care.

If your pet is not at another veterinary hospital, please contact us so we follow through and obtain your pet’s medical information to update our records.

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