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Pain Management


No one likes to hurt. Pain affects everything that we do from simple movement to our overall personality.I know that I'm grumpy when I hurt.Recognizing and treating pain is a hallmark of good patient care and is the humane and caring thing to do.

Our pets have the same neurological system that we do and consequently DO feel pain and discomfort under the same circumstances as we do.Do not confuse an animals ability to hide their pain for life preservation reasons from not feeling pain. I hear too often from clients that their pet has slowed down because he/she is simply old.That may not be the only factor.To discern the truth, we can try pain medication for a week trial and let you decide for yourself.Often, after only a few days, we see improvement in a pets attitude and their ability to move again.

Pain comes in many different types and affects different locations within our body.Some pain is for short term after surgery or an injury, while other is chronic such as in arthritis.

For short term pain, research has repeatedly proven that pain management in our pets actually helps to speed up the healing process after surgery. In chronic arthritis, pain management helps to maintain a better quality of life.

Pain can be managed in so many ways.Some options are as simple as a dietary change, physical therapy and/or weight loss.Other options include pills or liquids, glucosamine supplements, Adequan injections, laser therapy or a combination of treatments.

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