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Laser (C02) Surgery

Laser (CO2) Surgery


Lasers have been used on humans for over 30 years and now this same technology is available for veterinary medicine. We were the first Veterinary Hospital in Klamath Falls to offer this innovative option and still use it routinely to help our patients.

Using the laser, instead of a blade gives man advantages;

  • Decreases pain by sealing nerve endings
  • Minimizes bleeding and the risk of infections by killing bacteria
  • Less swelling post operatively since the light laser beam does not crush or tear tissues
  • Promotes healing for chronic wounds
  • Used to help kill cancer cells deep in the tissues
  • Preferred method for declaw surgeries in cats as it greatly minimizes bleeding, future phantom limb syndrome and post operative pain.

This superior non-scalpel method of cutting the skin and tissues is available on most surgeries for an additional charge.

For more information, visit the Cutting Edge Technologies website Link to

Video of a laser surgery


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