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I know my mom is a Labrador Retriever lover and therefore feel lucky to be her first Australian Labradoodle.Since we are bred as service dogs, we genetically are very social & intelligent I'm told.

I was named Morgan after Morgan Freeman, my mom’s favorite actor but I would appreciate people quit calling me he.I know it is a little confusing but I am a girl.

My alternative name is Velcro and I tend to follow my mom around the hospital all day.If the staff is looking for mom, they just find me and know she is on the other side of the door.I love to play and although I am an only child, I have plenty of neighborhood and hospital friends that request play dates with me while boarding.

My favorite activities are walking in Moore Park and cuddling on the couch.I crave attention, attention and more attention so please stop by and meet me.I do know a few tricks like bowing and waving that I would be happy to show you in exchange for treats and belly rubs.



Thank you Holly for rescuing myself and my brother from a pretty awful situation when we were only four weeks of age. My brother & I have now have a pretty cush life but I always knew I was the favorite. My Yoda like ears makes me unique but it is my pushy personality that really wins everyone over. The staff use to bottle feed me several times a day until I was finally able to eat on my own from a saucer. I'm still not sure why I got 2 baths a day but I think it had something to do with rolling in my food. It's really fun to do so I recommend give it a try.

My hobbies include making and disconnecting phone calls, reorganizing five piles of paperwork into one big one, refusing to get off of everyone's laps unless I'm good and ready to & of course, greeting all of our wonderful clients. My favorite toy however is the office printer.I love to wait for the copies to shoot out of the machine so I can retrieve them.I'm told I'm being very helpful except for the chewing them up part.

I was named June because that is the month that the Everett team finally gave in and said they wanted me to stay. Yah!

Come on in and give my cute folded ears a rub and check out my pink toenail caps.



I consider myself the perfect little angel of the group as I don’t chew open pet food bags, unscrew dog treat jar lids or eat flowers (unlike my crazy siblings). I know I am a big asset too and have important job responsibilities. One of my duties is to stand in front of a computer screen when someone is working to block their vision.I specialize in knocking everything onto the floor thus helping to keep the reception desk and counter tops clear for better lounging.I am also a great safety inspector.I diligently taste test everything to make sure it is OK for my two legged family.

I also know that I have an awesome personality and I'm told that it is a trait of Tuxedo (black and white) cats. Being a cuddlier, I may be found in the reception area or wandering the halls looking for someone to hold me. Sometimes I even visit the examination rooms and visit clients while they are waiting for their own pets.

If you need a cuddle or a purr fix, come on in and ask for Josie the great.



I too was one of the rescue kitties at only four weeks of age. I really think I am the favorite because the staff is always yelling out my name. I bring them stir sticks, sugar packets and other treats that I steal. Every time I find new things to share with them, they are so happy that they yell out my name.

My home is about 8,000 square feet so it is fun to wander around. I may be found in the reception area or wandering the halls looking for someone to hold me. I started a really fun game a few years ago but the staff hates it for some unknown reason. I call it the "where can I hide tonight" game. Before going home, the staff scurries around the hospital, frantically opening cupboards and drawers, looking under piles of blankets and behind storage boxes trying to find me. Don't tell anyone but my latest hiding place is in the cupboard above the refrigerator. It takes three jumps to make it that high and two paws to open the cupboard but the trickiest part is closing the cupboard behind me. That is tough without opposable thumbs but I can do it.

If you need a cuddle or a purr fix, come on in and ask for Benny the great or join in the search for my hiding place #323,534.

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