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If your pet is having problems with their skin, they can be miserable. Itching and scratching constantly is not fun for you or your pet and often disrupts sleeping patterns.

Since skin is the body’s largest organ, it is susceptible to a variety of problems. A few problems that we deal with routinely include allergies, infections, parasites, cancer, auto-immune diseases, bacterial/fungal diseases and endocrine problems to name just a few. Some skin problems, such as ring worm and parasites, can be contagious to humans and lead to life threatening internal health problems as well.

We are here to help your pet.Through examinations, skin scrapings, blood work, histology, cultures, biopsies and/or allergy testing, we will work with you to make a diagnosis. Treatment options will then be discussed to form a plan that works best for your family.

Some of the treatments we may discuss are:

  • Medications, which can be topical or oral.
  • Diet and/or fatty acid supplements can often help improve a pet’s skin.
  • Shampoo therapy
  • Laser therapy (both surgical and heat therapy) has proven to help many skin problems. Skin problems can worsen quickly.
Feel free to call us with any problems.

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