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Computer Microchips

Avid Microchips (Permanent ID)

Even with the best care, statistics show that 1 out of 3 pets will get lost or stolen within their lifetime. Without identification, 9 out of 10 pets will never find their way back to their loving family.

A microchip is an easy and non painful way of changing those statistics. People ask when is the best time to implant this chip and my answer is NOW as we never know when the unexpected will occur. Implanting the microchip is a very routine and quick procedure that can be done during a regular office appointment or during an anesthetic procedure.

Your total cost is only $55.00 including the lifetime registration fee. And if one of Everett VeterinaryHospital's team implants the Avid microchip, we will guarantee it for life.

How it works. There are two ways that make this system so efficient.

1. A tag is given to you when the chip is implanted that should be added to your pets collar. When your pet is found, the tag has your pets personal ID number on it and a 1-800 number where Avid can be contacted 24/7 to help your pet returned home quickly.

2. A scanner can be used to locate the chip and its vital information located under your dogs skin. So even if your pets collar and tag are missing, the chip gives your pets information.

Due to the efficiency of this system, Klamath County Dog Control gives a discount of $5.00 per year on your licensing fees.

Feel free to ask for more information, a demo or schedule an appointment.

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